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"Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose."

Beetlejuice (1988)

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Today as I was getting ready to clock-out from a 5party average summer day at the resort, a banquets/front-of-the-houser found me to ask if I’d made the vegan meal. Upon my agreement she’d exclaimed that it was the best meal she’d ever had! She had two plates.

This makes it worth it. Despite the earlier outrage from a self-proclaimed vegan guest, of which I’d prepared such meal for. Yes, this lady specified veganism as her dietary restriction as recently as days ago, yet requested the buttery lobster tail and mashed potatoes upon arrival of said vegan course. She was vocally appalled at her lack of, upsetting the waitstaff who then informed me of our situation. This lady simply didn’t want the filet mignon from our dual-entreed plate. I would have gladly told our guest that she is in fact pescatarian, rather than vegan. Know the words you use, specifically if you claim to inhabit them. 

Vegan - One who does not consume (and in some cases, even use/wear) animal nor animal by-product whatsoever. 
Vegetarian - One who does not consume the flesh of an animal (this can include or be limited by dairy and egg).
Pescatarian - One who does not consume the flesh of animals other than seafood (this can sometimes includes white meat).